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NameDescriptionLOVE Version
BoundingBox.luaCollision checking function based on axis-aligned bounding boxes.any
CheckThis function checks if it's arguments are of the right types and calls the error-function if one isn't.any
ClampingThis function clamps a value to a certain range.any
Comparing LÖVE VersionsCompare current LOVE version usedany
DebugLua debug interface through the console.any
DistanceBasedCollisionAnother way of detecting collisions. This type works perfectly with circles.any
FractalNoiseGenerates 1, 2, 3 or 4 dimensional fractal noise>0.9.0
General mathA collection of mathematical functions which can be useful in game programming.>0.9.0
GradientsDraws fast gradients using images and interpolationany
HSL colorAn alternate colorspace, allowing for aesthetically-pleasing color transformations.any
HSV colorAn alternate colorspace, allowing for aesthetically-pleasing color transformations.any
In-Memory Audio StreamingIn-memory Source "stream". Stores the encoded audio data and decodes it from RAM.0.10.0
LineStippleSnippetA substitute for the setLineStipple function removed in 0.8.0.any
Minimalist Sound ManagerCode that manages your audio Source objects for you.any
NoiseWrapperA noise wrapper to LÖVE's noise functions>0.9.0
ObjectsThe base code for objectsany
PointInConcavePolygonA function returning true if the given point is inside the given polygon.any
PointWithinShapeA set of functions for testing if a point lies within an area.any
Polygon splittingSplit convex polygons!any
ShearShear/skew graphics!<0.8.0
Skip listImplementation of a skip-list data structure.any
Skip list:Drawing OrderUsage example of the skip list data structure.any
SoundManagerA simple sound manager with support for playing both sound effects and music playlists.any
String explodingAdd the ability to explode strings. (return them as a table along defined divider substrings)any
String extensionsAdds additional functions to the string metatable.any
TexturedPolygonA function to create an Image from a polygon textured by a texture.any
TileMergingGenerate rectangles that cover tiles of a certain type on a tile map.any
TiledMapLoaderObsolete loader for Tiled (mapeditor) map files.?
VectorsVector operator overloadingany
coroutine.resumeFix for hidden coroutine error messages.any
fadeColorSmooth color transitions suitable to fading effects.any
findProjectileTrajectoryFinds a projectile's position at a certain timeany
findRotationTakes two points and returns the direction from point A to point B.any
psi2loveC++ program taking a HGE psi file and converting it to Lua source code to create an equivalent particle system in LÖVE.any
uLove Compliance conf.luaObsolete conf.lua spec for uLove compliance.0.6.x