Available since LÖVE 0.8.0
It has replaced ParticleSystem:setColor.

Sets a series of colors to apply to the particle sprite. The particle system will interpolate between each color evenly over the particle's lifetime.

Arguments can be passed in groups of four, representing the components of the desired RGBA value, or as tables of RGBA component values, with a default alpha value of 1 if only three values are given. At least one color must be specified. A maximum of eight may be used.

In versions prior to 11.0, color component values were within the range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 1.



ParticleSystem:setColors( r1, g1, b1, a1, r2, g2, b2, a2, ..., r8, g8, b8, a8 )


number r1
First color, red component (0-1).
number g1
First color, green component (0-1).
number b1
First color, blue component (0-1).
number a1
First color, alpha component (0-1).
number r2
Second color, red component (0-1).
number g2
Second color, green component (0-1).
number b2
Second color, blue component (0-1).
number a2
Second color, alpha component (0-1).
number r8
Eighth color, red component (0-1).
number g8
Eighth color, green component (0-1).
number b8
Eighth color, blue component (0-1).
number a8
Eighth color, alpha component (0-1).



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