Gets the color of a pixel at a specific position in the image.

Valid x and y values start at 0 and go up to image width and height minus 1. Non-integer values are floored.

In versions prior to 11.0, color component values were within the range of 0 to 255 instead of 0 to 1.

O.png Prior to 0.10.2, this function does not properly handle non-integer coordinates, and may produce an invalid result when non-integer values are passed.  



r, g, b, a = ImageData:getPixel( x, y )


number x
The position of the pixel on the x-axis.
number y
The position of the pixel on the y-axis.


number r
The red component (0-1).
number g
The green component (0-1).
number b
The blue component (0-1).
number a
The alpha component (0-1).


Iterates over the pixels of an image and stores them in a sequence.

local image = love.image.newImageData( 'path/to/Image.png' )
local pixels = {}
for x = 1, image:getWidth() do
    for y = 1, image:getHeight() do
        -- Pixel coordinates range from 0 to image width - 1 / height - 1.
        local pixel = image:getPixel( x - 1, y - 1 )
        pixels[#pixels + 1] = pixel
return pixels

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