Provides an interface to the user's filesystem.

This module provides access to Files in two places, and two places only:

  • The root folder of the .love archive (or source directory)
  • The root folder of the game's save directory.

Each game is granted a single directory on the system where files can be saved through love.filesystem. This is the only directory where love.filesystem can write files. These directories will typically be found in something like:

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Love\ or %appdata%\Love\
  • Windows Vista and 7: C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\LOVE or %appdata%\Love\
  • Linux: $XDG_DATA_HOME/love/ or ~/.local/share/love/
  • mac: /Users/user/Library/Application Support/LOVE/

Files that are opened for write or append will always be created in the save directory. The same goes for other operations that involve writing to the filesystem, like mkdir.

Files that are opened for read will be looked for in the save directory, and then in the .love archive (in that order). So if a file with a certain filename (and path) exist in both the .love archive and the save folder, the one in the save directory takes precedence.

Note: All paths are relative to the .love archive and save directory. (except for the get*Directory() calls)

It is recommended to set your game's identity first in your conf.lua. You can set it with love.filesystem.setIdentity() as well.


FileRepresents a file on the filesystem.
FileDataData representing the contents of a file.


love.filesystem.appendAppend data to an existing file.
love.filesystem.areSymlinksEnabledGets whether love.filesystem follows symbolic links.
love.filesystem.createDirectoryCreates a directory.
love.filesystem.enumerateReturns all the files and subdirectories in the directory.
love.filesystem.existsCheck whether a file or directory exists.
love.filesystem.getAppdataDirectoryReturns the application data directory (could be the same as getUserDirectory)
love.filesystem.getDirectoryItemsReturns all the files and subdirectories in the directory.
love.filesystem.getIdentityGets the write directory name for your game.
love.filesystem.getLastModifiedGets the last modification time of a file.
love.filesystem.getRealDirectoryGets the absolute path of the directory containing a filepath.
love.filesystem.getRequirePathGets the filesystem paths that will be searched when require is called.
love.filesystem.getSaveDirectoryGets the full path to the designated save directory.
love.filesystem.getSizeGets the size in bytes of a file.
love.filesystem.getSourceReturns the full path to the directory containing the .love file or directory.
love.filesystem.getSourceBaseDirectoryReturns the full path to the directory containing the .love file.
love.filesystem.getUserDirectoryReturns the path of the user's directory
love.filesystem.getWorkingDirectoryGets the current working directory.
love.filesystem.initInitializes love.filesystem, will be called internally, so should not be used explictly.
love.filesystem.isDirectoryCheck whether something is a directory.
love.filesystem.isFileCheck whether something is a file.
love.filesystem.isFusedGets whether the game is in fused mode or not.
love.filesystem.isSymlinkGets whether a filepath is actually a symbolic link.
love.filesystem.linesIterate over the lines in a file.
love.filesystem.loadLoads a Lua file (but does not run it).
love.filesystem.mkdirCreates a directory.
love.filesystem.mountMounts a zip file or folder in the game's save directory for reading.
love.filesystem.newFileCreates a new File object.
love.filesystem.newFileDataCreates a new FileData object.
love.filesystem.readRead the contents of a file
love.filesystem.removeRemoves a file (or directory).
love.filesystem.setIdentitySets the write directory for your game.
love.filesystem.setRequirePathSets the filesystem paths that will be searched when require is called.
love.filesystem.setSourceSets the source of the game, where the code is present.
love.filesystem.setSymlinksEnabledSets whether love.filesystem follows symbolic links.
love.filesystem.unmountUnmounts a zip file or folder previously mounted with love.filesystem.mount.
love.filesystem.writeWrite data to a file.


FileDecoderHow to decode a given FileData.
FileModeThe different modes you can open a File in.

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